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By | February 19, 2018

Asphalt Overdrive is one of the endless runner video game of the best series by Gameloft that is “Asphalt”. The game was launched in 2014. What does endless runner mean for?. The endless runner in this game meant for the endless route but of limited types with three-lane roads. The cars accelerate automatically, stunts and bursting the traffic vehicles offers nitrous. There is also a feature in which the police pursuits the gamer in the game and the nitrous will help to evade the police. The game also has five bosses and turfs. A player has to beat the boss to move on to the turfs. A player can beat the boss to take away their car and make a payable (the more engaging feature of the game).

Asphalt Overdrive

Gameloft – The French video game developer and publisher having 21 game development studios subsidiaries across the world developed the Asphalt Overdrive in 2014 which was introduced for Android and iOS, Windows 8.1 and Windows phone later on 24th September 2014. This introduction made company to get some new users as most of the people wanted the game in their phones and it is reviewed higher after its launch for smartphones.

Asphalt Overdrive


Overdrive Gameplay – Features

It is much easier to play the game as having a cup of tea. There is a list of cars contains 30 best cars. These cars are divided into five turfs. Whenever a player beats the bosses and a new turf of cars get unlocked with more power and performance. In the beginning of the game, the developers provide three cars as the only option to start the game these are – Fiat Abarth Rally, Ford Mustang GT Fastback, and Ram 1500. As the players cross the levels, the new turf of cars will get unhitched and the gamer can enjoy it more. The fastest car in Asphalt Overdrive is named as  Hennessey Venom GT. Here check the Asphalt 9 Cars List – the upcoming game of the series. 

Asphalt 9 Overdrive

Now getting very much eager for the Asphalt 9 Overdrive to be launched?. Very soon, yes, very soon another game of such a fabulous series will be launched. Enthusiasts will also ask when it could be?. The Gameloft has not revealed any kind of information regarding the confirmed date of launch after which the gamers will be able to drive cars. The asphalt 9 releasing date will be exposed very shortly. Get ready to play another mind-blowing game from the eye-opening series – “Asphalt”.

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