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For Android, Hacks & Bugs, All [Best] Cars List, Overdrive, Beyond, Foolspeed – {Shockwave} Asphalt 9: Release Date, APK, Trailer, Download, mob.org. Ubisoft Entertainment is a French multinational video game publisher. It has developed popular games like Far cry, Assasin's Creed, Just dance, Prince of Persia and much more. Beside publishing games, Ubisoft also produces famous franchises for different companies. It has a fan club called the " Ubisoft Club" which rewards the players with unique gems/ boosters for completing certain tasks in the games. One such game is the Asphalt and its other versions. Asphalt 9It is a famous game throughout the globe. It is even available for Android and JAVA phones. Asphalt has total 8 versions that have been released till now. So in this year, there is a chance of a new version of it being released; it will be called the Asphalt 9.

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Asphalt Shockwave: An Overview

It is the upcoming instalment of the Asphalt Series preceded by the Asphalt 8 Airborne. The Asphalt 9 Shockwave is yet to rule the roads but it will be splendid gaming experience as said by the game makers. With updated graphics and new roads and tracks, it promises an overwhelming experience to the user. The game will be free for users to download but it will some provision for Virtual cash. 

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This will be there to buy tokens or credits through the app for the game purpose. The other versions like Asphalt heat and airborne are still not free to download but as promised the Asphalt Shockwave will be totally free. Extra turbo sounds of the engine have all been added. So if the player uses a headphone while playing, one can certainly enjoy a lot more real or live experience. So the developers have requested to use headphones for a better experience. Though it is totally now known bit according to information few new cars will be added along with monster trucks and rally cars. It is rumoured to be the last version of the Asphalt series.

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[HACKS] Asphalt Series Bugs <Unlimited Money>

A smooth and fair game is always preferred, but according to recent updates, many bug and hacks have been found all over the internet. The game developers are totally aware of this and they will make Asphalt 9 bug-free and hack-free. The earlier versions of Asphalt had already 100 hacks that were released out on different websites just a few days after the games were released. It involved unlocking of higher versions of cars and tracks. Thus when online competitions were held lower level players who played without the Cheat version were defeated with the same version cheat using players. Thus there was no fair play.

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The recent version of Asphalt 9 has promised to hack free as the developers will keep a keen eye on searching any mod-players, that is whenever a Cheat using player gets online he or she will be detected and will be banned for using an illegal version of the game. The developers have also requested the audience for their complete support and have asked them to submit reports on any site having the cheat codes or if any player is using the MOD or the cheat version of the game.

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(Expected) Asphalt 9 Releasing Date

The game probably will be released by Aug 2017 for Android users. It is not yet known about its version for PC. When asked about the delay between the previous versions release dates and this version date, they said that they were Woking on this project with a different idea in mind. The Asphalt 9 is supposed to be a high graphics game and also the players will experience higher and tougher tracks and traps.

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Gameloft: Forums Asphalt 9

Asphalt has a gaming forum all by itself. It is headed by the GAMELOFT Company. Here people or the players can complete tasks to earn rewards like credit points or early unlocks of cars etc. The players must complete certain tasks in the game or certain time missions in the game to get there points. The players may also play it online or via LAN Wi-Fi to compete against other players.

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How To Download Asphalt 9 *Offline*

Asphalt 9 would be available online throughout the globe for free. But it will be available for different platforms on different sites. Read More… Asphalt 9 Offline

For Android: The users may download it either from the play store or may download the .apk version of the game from Google itself.

For Java: usually the Java release f the game takes a longer time than usually releases. It might take a year or so, the game makers haven’t yet decided.

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For windows: Though it is still not known about its availability on a windows platform the users may download it from either the Windows Store on their PC or directly download the .exe version from GOOGLE itself. To play the game offline on Windows, check this – Asphalt 9 for Windows

APK file mobile application

The Asphalt 9 will at least certain requirements for it to run on mobile devices.

At least the user must have

  • A 2GB RAM
  • Internal space of about 4GB
  • Must have proper Graphics for Better experience
  • Must have a good touchscreen and a large display for better viewing experience.
  •  install the application the user simply has to
  • Download the application
  • Install it
  • Allow the necessary Permissions required for the game
  • Have a good internet connection
  • Offline playing options

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The user needs to first install the app version. Then one has to download a large file (&gt;900Mb) so he must have a stable connection; a wifi connection is preferred. The user can play it offline too. One can complete missions or play in arcade mode thereby completing his profile of the game to unlock new cars and tracks.

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Enduro Events In Asphalt 8 (Airborne) & Asphalt 9 Shockwave

The gamers can also play enduro events such as time trial or bumping into each other. Many gaming stores held this kind of events at specific times. The players can compete against each other to earn prizes and gifts. The players must make sure that they don’t have a cheat version of the game or else they will be disqualified. Read more rules here – Asphalt 9 Enduro Double Down.

Best Car lists of Asphalt 9

  • Pre-race revving
  • High-performance
  1. Volkswagen Beetle Turbo
  2. Nissan Juke NISMO
  3. Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2016 Veloce
  4. BMW M3 Sedan
  5. Mazda RX-8
  6. Donkervoort D8 GTO
  7. Lotus Exige S Coupe
  8. Mazda 6
  9. NanoFlowcell QUANTICO
  10. Alfa Romeo 4C…. Check Full List HereAsphalt 9 Cars List